Blessings Group

The Blessings Group is a micro loan group made up of 36 – 40 women. They meet weekly and each contributes up to 200 kwacha (20 cents) which they then lend to one of the ladies to create an income generating project. Obviously the amount they collect is minimal and it is sometimes difficult for the women to decide what to do with the loan. They asked for, and we provided a treadle sewing machine and money to buy material and supplies. They hope to make school uniforms, bags and other items.

A new project began last year – Ecological Farming Project. We bought a one-acre piece of land so The Blessings Group could grow maize initially. On our next visit in May 2020 we will work with the Kusamala Institute of Agriculture and Ecology in Lilongwe to train the group on how to make the most productive use of the land.