There are many ways that you can contribute financially to New St. James :

  • PAR- Pre- Authorized Remittance  – One way to help our Church throughout the year is by Pre-Authorized Remittance of your offerings.   Providing financial assistance through PAR gives the church a regular, dependable flow of contributions.  For the many members of the Church who already participate, PAR has several advantages.  These include continual support of the Church when unable to attend and avoidance of ‘catch-up’ periods.  It can also help reduce the number of transactions from your bank account. You can fill out and return this form to the church office or email to
  • e-Transfers – New St. James can accept e-transfers. To inquire about doing so, please email
  • Offering Envelopes – Distributed for the start of each new year. If you would like to receive envelopes, please contact Judi Le Blanc, Office Administrator at 
  • CanadaHelps – Online DonationsUsing this secure portal, it is easy to donate online to the following areas at New St James:
    •  Building Fund 
    •  General Fund                                        
    •  Malawi Fund                       
    •  Memorial Fund
    •  Musical Meditations.
    • You can designate your donation to “now” or monthly.  You can also make a memorial donation or donate securities.
    • Income Tax statements for donations made through CanadaHelps will be issued by CanadaHelps
    • Questions? Need further information? Visit  CanadaHelps 
  • Cheques/ Money Orders – As an alternative, cheques or money orders payable to New St. James may be sent to:New St. James Presbyterian Church 280 Oxford Street East, London Ontario N6A 1V4. Please identify where you would like us to direct your donation. 
  • Legacy Givings –As a testimony of your faith and what New St. James has meant to you and your family, you may wish to consider making a donation through your will. You might also like to gift securities, annuities, Life Beneficiary Bequests (RRIF’s, RRSP’s)
    or insurance policies to support the ongoing work, missions and ministry of New St. James. For further information,
    please contact or call 519-434-1127.


With the exception of donations made through CanadaHelps, Income Tax statements will be issued by New St. James by the end of February of each year.
Thank you for supporting the life and mission of New St. James.