Lectionary Bible Study

Everyone is welcome

We are currently studying the Common Lectionary scripture readings for 2020. Our Tuesday morning study prepares us for Sunday morning worship. This study runs from September until November and from January until May.   

Through moments of contemplation, prayer, and respect, we dig into the historical, geographical and cultural elements of Biblical times and from our study we acquire a better understanding of what is happening behind the prophetic writings and how they link to the teachings and the parables of Jesus.   If you are unfamiliar with the Common Lectionary, it consists of readings from the Old Testament, a reading from Psalms and two readings from the New Testament each week. An informative word document is prepared prior to the Tuesday morning study and emailed out to the participants for their perusal.  Tuesday mornings at 10:30 AM – noon

No need to be a Biblical Scholar! Join in the discussion, ask questions and enjoy the fellowship of tea and coffee before the study.

Questions? Further information? Contact Marg McGugan