Thomas Kent Trust

The Committee (including the Moderator) is involved in the management of the Trust by investing the funds with advice from an investment professional.  It then disburses the annual income generated to a variety of worthwhile local, national and global causes.

The Committee meets twice per year for the whole committee, with one additional meeting for the investment sub-committee.

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Thomas Kent was a prominent London business-person in the 19th century, and a member of our Church. When he died in 1912, Mr. Kent bequeathed shares in the company that he founded, the London Loan and Savings Company, to “The Moderator of the Presbyterian Church at the corner of Oxford and Wellington Streets, London” as the residual beneficiary of his considerable estate.  

The principal of this donation was not to be depleted, but the interest earned was to be used for mission related purposes.  Through good management and wise investments over the decades, the original gift has grown to over nine hundred thousand dollars, despite the fact that many thousands have been disbursed in mission activities.